GST EcoSys
Used Gas Abatement


BAZM is a leading provider of gas abatement systems for the solar and semiconductor industries. We offer new systems from Ecosys, including Vector, Guardian, and CDO; and, in 2013 we added the GST product line with its complete array of gas abatement technology for every application. This broad product portfolio coupled with unmatched gas abatement expertise results in great value to our customers.


A key differentiator of BAZM, is that we are the only gas abatement company that offers both new and used gas abatement systems. With an inventory of 50+ used gas abatement systems at any given time, we can always provide options for customers looking to consider refurbished systems. Systems from the following OEM providers are usually in stock

  • Edwards ™                                      PureAir™                                 Delatech™
  • Techarmonic ™                               Airgard™                                 Novapure™
  • Ecosys™                                         CS Clean™                              Ebara™


Have us review your application, and we will send a quote for a new or refurbished gas abatement system for your project. Select a tab at the top of the page to see our current selection of systems, parts, or request support.  Keep your existing install base up and running with spare parts and support from BAZM.